Sophos XG 125 & XG 125W Firewalls

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  • Sophos Next Generation Firewall XG 125 (rev.3) is ideal for SMB and branch offices at excellent price-to-performance ratio
  • Work with software modules (to be ordered) for the security features.
  • Firewall: 6.5 Gpbs, VPN: 700 Mbps, NGFW(IPS+App Ctrl): 1.1 Gbps, AV Proxy: 700 Mbps
  • Ports: 8 GbE copper, 2 GbE SFP; SFP transceivers sold separately Flexi Port Slot: 1 Swappable Components: opt.  ext. Power, 3G/4G
  • Power Code: EU/UK/US Rackmount kit available (to be ordered separately)

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Sophos XG 125 & XG 125W Firewalls
Sophos XG Firewall brings a fresh new approach to the way you manage your firewall, respond to threats, and monitor what’s happening on your network.

Sophos XG Firewalls are developed right from the start to address today’s top problems that plague existing firewalls while also providing a platform designed specifically to tackle the evolving threat and network landscape. XG Firewall brings a fresh approach to the way you identify hidden risks, protect against threats, and respond to incidents without taking a performance hit.

XG Firewall provides unrivaled visibility into risky users, unwanted applications, suspicious payloads, and persistent threats. It tightly integrates a full suite of modern threat protection technologies that are easy to set up and maintain. And unlike legacy firewalls, XG Firewall communicates with other security systems on the network, enabling it to become your trusted enforcement point to contain threats and block malware from spreading or exfiltrating data out of the network – automatically – in real time.

Sophos XG Firewall has three key advantages over other network firewalls:

Exposes hidden risks – Utilizing a visual dashboard, rich on-box and cloud reporting, and unique risk insights.

Blocks unknown threats – with a full suite of advanced protection capabilities that are very easy to set up and manage.

Automatically responds to incidents – XG Firewall with Synchronized Security automatically responds to network incidents thanks to Sophos Security Heartbeat.

The Xstream Advantage

The XG Firewall Xstream architecture is engineered to deliver extreme levels of visibility, protection, and performance to help address some of the greatest challenges facing network administrators today.

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